McGuinty federal leadership bid doubtful: colleagues

Dennis Pilon, a professor of political science at York University, who was shocked by the premier’s resignation, said Mr. McGuinty’s legacy is a mixed one. “(Mr.) McGuinty offered a course correction for Ontario after (former premier Mike) Harris went way too far right and seemed to enjoy the process too much,” he said. “Ontarians, by nature, are small-c Conservatives, which makes them Liberals. The big-c Conservatives have gone so far to the right and (Mr.) McGuinty came in and Ontarians were comfortable with that. But, over the past year, he has taken on teachers, wage demands and the costs associated with running good schools by freezing salaries when the system still hasn’t fully recovered from the Harris wage cuts,” reported Oct. 16. Read full story.

The Canadian B-schools that made the Top 100 of Financial Times executive MBA rankings
Led by York University’s Schulich School of Business, six Canadian institutions were recognized in the top 100 list of executive MBA programs for 2012 by the Financial Times. Schulich offers its program in partnership with the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University in Illinois, with their joint program ranked first in Canada for the sixth straight year, and 27th overall this year, reported The Globe and Mail Oct. 16. Read full story.

Five Aust groups shortlisted for International Green Awards
The shortlists for the International Green Awards have been announced with York University one of four universities from around the world nominated in the Most Sustainable Educational Institution, reported the Climate Spectator Oct. 17. Read full story.

Supporting independent media to grow
Another person who’s been looking at how different types of media projects can finance themselves is David Skinner, a professor at York University. He’s co-editor of the newly-released book, Alternative Media in Canada (UBC Press, 2012). A few of the book’s chapters look at this issue, including Skinner’s, entitled “Sustaining Independent and Alternative Media,” reported The Dominion Oct. 17. Read full story.

A healthier Agenda
“The primary factors that shape the health of Canadians are not medical treatments or lifestyle choices but rather the living conditions they experience,” according to The Canadian Facts, a report by York University’s School of Health Policy and Management. Non-hereditary, non-communicable factors that have an effect on people’s health are known as “social determinants of health,” reported the Canadian Architect October. Read full story.

Franca biography shortlisted for Governor General’s Literary Award
Author Carol Bishop-Gwyn‘s The Pursuit of Perfection: A Life of Celia Franca has been shortlisted for a 2012 Governor General’s Literary Award for non-fiction. Bishop-Gwyn has taught at York University, Ryerson University and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre, reported the Dance Current Oct. 16. Read full story.