New Glendon Gallery exhibit combines street art with contemporary painting

Work by Pascal Paquette

Artist Pascal Paquette’s upcoming exhibit at the Glendon Gallery, will uncover personalities through simplicity in his urban subjects.

What I’ve Learned in the Last Five Years fuses references to music, film, photography and digital media, delivering visual Work by Pascal Paquette samples of contemporary culture.

The opening reception for the exhibit will take place Tuesday, Oct. 23, from 6 to 8pm, at Glendon Gallery, Glendon campus. The exhibit will run until Nov. 30, from noon to 3pm.

Work by Pascal Paquette

Paquette practice places him literally and metaphorically outside and inside the mainstream art world by combining alternative practices of graffiti writing and street art with contemporary painting and site-specific or geographically dependent installations.

Born in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Paquette relocated to Toronto from Ottawa-Hull in 1999. He studied fine art throughout his education and trained in the mid-1990s in applied arts at La Cite Collegial in Ottawa where he did graduate in Graphic Arts program.

The exhibit, curated by Marc Audette, was made possible through the support of the Ontario Arts Council.

For more information, visit the Glendon Gallery website.