Get fit while having fun at lunch

Two females working out

Get fit, have fun and improve your health during lunch hours in the Fit 4 Life Employee Program at the Student Centre. The fun will begin Oct. 1.

Everything from circuit to yoga and boot camp classes is available through a flexible drop-in Two females working outschedule at affordable rates with personalized instruction by qualified and professional staff of York Recreation.

The Fit 4 Life Employee Program will take place in Room 307 of the Student Centre, except on Oct 1, 2 and 31 when it will be held in Room 313 of the Student Centre.

Circuit – This fun and efficient full-body workout gets your body moving, heart pumping and muscles firing by combining cardiovascular conditioning with weight training intervals. All levels are accommodated.

Yoga – An energizing class with poses that encourage alignment, flexibility, balance, strength and cardiovascular endurance and overall movement performance.

Boot Campt – Boot Camp is a challenging, action-packed group fitness workout that makes use of everyday three-dimensional functional movements. This fun and high-energy session will give you an incredible cardiovascular workout while overloading all the muscles and nerves of the body through various training methods including strength and power exercises, interval training, agility drills and movements that challenge your balance and coordination.

Register and pay on-site at the first class (by cash only). The program is offered on a first come, first-served basis and the signing of a medical release form (PAR-Q) will be required.

For more information, click here, call ext. 20875 or e-mail