Conference and workshop will explore the capitalization of power

black and white "Capitalizing Power" poster

black and white "Capitalizing Power" posterThe third conference by the Forum on Capital at York University titled, “Capitalizing Power: The Qualities and Quantities of Accumulation”, will be held from 8:45am  to 6pm on Sept. 28 in the Senate Chamber, N940 Ross Building on York’s Keele campus. All are welcome to attend.

The conference will be followed by a two-day closed workshop at the Glendon Campus. Both the conference and workshop will bring together heterodox (schools of economic thought that are outside mainstream economics) political economists to explore the theoretical and methodological issues related to quantifying capitalist power and accumulation.

There will be five keynote presentations. Professor Herman Schwartz from the Department of Political Science at the University of Virginia will deliver a talk on intellectual property rights and finance. Professor Jeffrey Harrod from the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam will speak about the topic “global Weimarism” and the current demise of cohesive global power.

Speakers from York University include: Professors Justin Podur from the Faculty of Environmental Studies who will explore the relationship between the Capital as Power framework and the commodification of nature;J.J. McMurtry from the Department of Social Science who will speak about community organizing; and Jonathan Nitzan from the Department of Political Science who will address issues of crime, punishment and the limits of capitalist power.

Nineteen other presentations on a range of topics, including the global one per cent, finances in the virtual world, the American Empire and the logic of capital, are also scheduled. The conference is sponsored by the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada and York University.

For more information, visit the Capitalizing Power: The Qualities and Quantities of Accumulation website.