The promise and essence of York’s new brand

Outside Vari Hall

At the heart of every brand is a promise, which is based on the essence and personality of an organization.

York University’s brand essence is “global thinking, shaped here”. It speaks to the diversity of cultures, perspectives, backgrounds and global outreach that are integral parts of the York University experience.

This essence informs the brand promise that a student who chooses York University for his or her postsecondary headshot of Patrick Monahaneducation will receive an open minded, globally connected and forward thinking education.

“A York University education exposes students to new ideas, challenges, perspectives and opportunities that will help them think in a bigger, broader, more global way,” says Patrick Monahan (right), vice-president academic & provost.

“What does this brand mean for York? It provides the University with a way to leverage its strengths that provides students with a breadth and depth of experiences and global perspectives. It says to the world that York’s Faculty are preparing a new generation of thinkers, influencers and policymakers,” says Monahan.

Establishing York’s brand and the “this is my time” awareness campaign builds on the University’s focus, its academic plan, which guides the work of York’s faculty and staff. “The refreshed brand was developed to provide a platform so that York is in the best position to achieve its goals,” says Susan Webb, executive director of Communications & Public Affairs.

Supporting the brand promise and the “this is my time” campaign is a brand personality. It captures four key characteristics that embody York U: courageous, inspiring, innovative and approachable.

“York’s brand promises that we are unafraid of trying new things or engaging in difficult discussions,” says Webb. “York University sets an example for how the world can work together; that we embrace new approaches in teaching, learning and research; and we work to ensure that all who are capable are welcome and supported.

“Our values, which we defined through this journey to revitalize our brand embody who we are and what we stand for,” says Webb. “York University values openness, inclusiveness, respect, a commitment to excellence and social responsibility and this is truly something that inspires pride.”