Arminda Aliu aspires to save thousands of lives in the Maldives

York U "This is my Time" advertisement

York U "This is my Time" advertisementPerched atop an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, the tiny nation of Republic of Maldives sits just 1.5 metres above sea level. The geography that defines this beautiful nation comprised of 1,180 tropical islands also makes it vulnerable to the ravages of rising sea levels that are the result of global warming.

When it comes to York’s “this is my time” campaign, Arminda Aliu is very clear about how she will turn her passion into action and the impact of her vision. “2031: My disaster management program helps save thousands of lives in the Maldives.”

“In the Faculty of Environmental Studies, we inspire and prepare students to make a difference in the world. Our cutting-edge professors transcend the traditional understanding of the environment, helping students explore the relationships between natural, built, and social environments and systems,” says Noël Sturgeon, dean of York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES).

By bringing together different approaches, students like Aliu examine the deep contexts of issues. Environmental Studies class assignments encourage taking action and professors are involved in prominent environmental and social justice projects. Grads are employed in vital roles in governments, businesses, non-profit agencies and environmental NGOs around the world.

“Environmental studies students are encouraged to imagine positive change and to bring their full passion and commitment to their studies by focusing on what they really care about,” says Sturgeon.

“Local and international internships and field placements are just one small way that we support students in joining our efforts in making the world more equitable, more just, and more sustainable. I will be thrilled to celebrate the success of Arminda’s disaster management program, and look forward to introducing her to future students as an accomplished alumni member!”