Inaugural issue of student-run journal online now

photos of Tamara Daly and Julia Salzmann

The School of Health Policy & Management in the Faculty of Health has just published the University’s first online undergraduate academic journal hosted by York Digital Journals  – Healthy Dialogue.

An annual publication, Healthy Dialogue will feature original articles written by undergraduate students in the School of Health Policy & Management related to all aspects of health studies. There will be particular emphasis headshot of Tamara Dalyplaced on pressing contemporary issues and debates related to health and health-care management, health informatics and health and social care policy.

“We make things happen in the School of Health Policy & Management,” says health Professor Tamara Daly (left), who is co-editor-in-chief of the journal along with Julia Salzmann, an undergraduate student in health policy.

Healthy Dialogue is a student-run, faculty mentored initiative which highlights the outstanding health-care writing and research of undergraduate students in the School of Health Policy & Management.

The inaugural issue has articles looking at policy options regarding access to health care for the homeless and trade agreement and pharmaceutical patent protection by student Danalyn Byng and another on harm reduction policy by student Guytano Virdo.

“Not only do we have incredible students, who are engaged and engaging, but we also have faculty who are world-class researchers, and top notch teachers and mentors,” says Daly. “It is a winning combination. This headshot of Julia Salzmannjournal demonstrates how, together, we foster healthy debate.”

Julia Salzmann

The journal is also designed to be a forum for graduate and undergraduate students to exchange ideas, expertise and creativity.

“It’s an absolutely amazing opportunity for undergraduate students to go through the editorial process to give them that competitive edge they are looking for when applying to graduate programs,” says Salzmann. “How many undergrads can say that they’ve had their work published?”

Salzmann says it wouldn’t have come about without the tremendous assistance of Andrea Kosavic, assistant librarian in Bibliographic Services at Scott Library. Kosavic says she is happy to work with others on campus to either migrate an existing journal to digital or help get a new start-up, such as Healthy Dialogue, up and running.

To contribute to the journal, watch for the annual call for papers in early winter of each academic year. Submissions will be reviewed by section editors comprised of one senior student and one faculty member.

For more information, visit the Healthy Dialogue website or the School of Health Policy & Management website.