SEI seminar series looks at options for renewable energy

photos of Mark Winfield and José Etcheverry

The 2012-13 Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) Seminar Series will launch this fall with an exploration of “Options for Renewable Energy: Developing RE to Commercialization”.

The SEI seminar will take place Friday, Sept. 21, from 9 to 11am, in Room 308 at Metro Hall, 55 John headshot of José EtcheverrySt., Toronto. Breakfast and registration will begin at 8:30am. Seating is limited. RSVP to by Wednesday, Sept. 19. Faculty of Environmental Studies Professors Mark Winfield and José Etcheverry are the series co-chairs.

José Etcheverry

The keynote address will be delivered by Annette Verschuren, Chair and CEO of NRstor Inc. and former president of The Home Depot Canada and Asia. She will discuss the development of green technology through electrical storage park development, as well as the discovery of new storage options and thermal storage solutions, such as compressed air storage, Flywheel technology and others.

Verschuren will also look at new storage technologies NRstor is working on to develop commercially. A panel discussion will follow on the implications of energy storage for institutions, municipalities, industry and the future of sustainable energy.

Panel participants will include: Verschuren; FES adjunct Professor Tyler Hamilton, editor-in-chief, Corporate Knights; FES adjunct Professor Peter Love, president of Love Energy Consultants Inc.; Curtis VanWalleghem of Hydrostor; headshot of Mark Winfieldand Fernando Carou, senior engineer of New District Energy & Community Energy Planning, City of Toronto Better Buildings Partnership. Etcheverry will moderate the discussion.

Mark Winfield

The series is part of the Mobilizing Sustainable Energy Research in the Municipal, Private and Non-Profit Sectors project. The events are designed to bring together York researchers and partners with networks of politicians, members of the public and private sector, government employees and municipal representatives to discuss research experience and local experience implementing renewable energy projects.

For more information, visit the SEI website.

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