Facing lockout, NHL releases business-as-usual TV schedule

Vijay Setlur, a sport marketing lecturer at the Schulich School of Business, was quoted in a Toronto Star story Aug. 30 about the consequences of an impending disruption to the National Hockey League’s fall schedule. Read full story.

Researchers chronicle human impact on creek in Iqaluit
An ongoing study by York PhD student Chris Luszczek conducted with researchers from the Nunavut Research Institute shows the habits of people in Iqaluit are having a negative impact on one of the water-bodies there, which is hurting fish stocks, reported Yahoo News and CBCNews.ca Aug. 30. Read full story.

Husband buys billboard to help wife get a job
Brandon Stuart wanted to help his unemployed wife find work so he spent $700 on the Toledo billboard sign and is hoping it will lead to offers. Doing something different, even if it was by accident worked out for York student Vanessa Hojda, who accidentally sent a photo of a psychotic-looking Nicolas Cage to a potential employer at York University. She didn’t get that job, but she did receive two job offers though Facebook, reported Yahoo News Aug. 30. Read full story.

Moon landing was low-tech affair; Armstrong charted course to the heavens with sextant, star chart and slide rules
York Professor Emeritus of space science Gordon Shepherd was one of the few Canadians in the space business in the 1960s when NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong successfully landed Apollo 11 on the moon. Shepherd was quoted in The Times Colonist Aug. 30, following the death of Armstrong. Read full story.

B.C. finance minister steps down, won’t seek re-election
B.C. Finance Minister and Deputy Premier Kevin Falcon stepped down from his cabinet posts Wednesday, announcing he wouldn’t be seeking office in next May’s provincial election. York Professor Dennis Pilon said the latest news could potentially be a prelude to a “Dump Christy” campaign in the Liberal Party, reported the Toronto Sun Aug. 29. Read full story.