York grad adds some artist flair to Tait gym

Hard at work, artist Angie Arduini gives extra attention to the Lions logo

York visual arts grad Angie Arduini has played a major role in the transformation of the main gym floors at the Tait McKenzie Centre.

Arduini (BFA Spec. Hons. ’99) returned to the Keele campus this summer to paint the lettering and York Lions logo on the new floor.

Hard at work, artist Angie Arduini gives extra attention to the Lions logoHard at work, artist Angie Arduini gives extra attention to the Lions logo

The process includes creating a customized stencil, laying it on the floor, taping all the edges, rolling on the paint and then touching up the lines. While this sounds simple enough, Arduini’s talent shines through in the detail of the Lions logo and the clean edges of the lettering.

“My ‘secret’ to the detailed lines is just a lot of patience and practice,” said Arduini. “I am also a perfectionist, so even if it takes me a bit longer, I love to see a perfect final product.”

She was assisted on the project by fellow York grad Norali Peluffo (BA Hons. ’12) and long-time assistant Debby Callery.

Arduini has been painting designs on hardwood floors for more than nine years and also has experience creating wall murals. She has previously worked on gym floors at multiple middle schools and high schools in southern Ontario and recently completed the floor at Humber College. She is also currently working on the floor in Ryerson’s new basketball and volleyball facility and just finished graphics on the wall in the Rams’ arena.

“I like that I can express myself through colour and texture,” she says about her line of work. “The size of many designs is very large and overwhelming at first, but once they are complete there is a great feeling of accomplishment.”

York’s campus has changed significantly since Arduini last attended the University. She has not been back on the Keele campus since graduating.

“It’s exciting to come back to York after all these years,” she said. “The campus has changed a lot since I was last here, but some parts of it are very familiar and bring back many memories. I’ve enjoyed working at the University I previously attended as a student and I look forward to seeing my work under the feet of our talented student-athletes.”

The new main gym floor will be unveiled later this month and the York Lions basketball and volleyball teams will make their debuts in the space in the fall. Volleyball gets underway in late October, while the basketball home openers take place the third weekend in November.