New time reporting tool is on track to go live Aug. 6

York’s new Time Reporting Tool (TRT), part of the Time Managing Support System, is on track to go live on Aug. 6.

From that date onward, York University staff from CPM, CUPE 1356 full time, CUPE 1356-1, IUOE, and YUSA 1, will start to record their absences, overtime, shift premiums and on-call hours on TRT.

As part of the move to TRT, training will be a key component for all staff concerned. E-learning courses are now available and everyone who will be using TRT will need to complete the course. Click here to gain access the course.

Additional information is also available in the Time Reporting Tool section located on the Time Managing Support System website.

As the go-live date approaches, managers will be coordinating training with their employees. More information and reminders will be provided through YFile, the Time Managing Support System website and via e-mail.