Finance is on the move

As reported last week in YFile, the Finance Department is set to relocate from the East Office Building to 4747 Keele Street. The final move will take place this Friday, and the department will be fully operational in its new offices by Monday, which is slightly earlier than expected.

During the move, services that are normally provided by the Finance Department will not be available, otherwise there will be no other disruptions because of the move.

To ensure service levels are not only maintained, but improved, the Finance Department is increasing the use of technology in all areas of its operation. The University community has been informed of the move to direct deposit to replace cheque payments to vendors and for reimbursement of employee expenses. As well, Procurement has been working with the Process Re-engineering & Service Enhancement (PRASE) team to develop and implement Sm@rtBuy, York’s new e-procurement system.

The new offices are just across Keele Street from the main entrance to campus. All staff e-mail addresses and phone extensions will remain the same and day-to-day contact with the department will not change. To improve access to Finance Department staff, the new offices are set to go with Skype for conference call communications.