East Office Building departments get ready for the big move

The East Office Building

Later this fall, the East Office Building (EOB), one of the oldest landmarks at York’s Keele campus, will be demolished.  New accommodations are being found for those departments with offices currently housed in the EOB.

The East Office BuildingThe East Office Building

The first major move will happen next week. The University’s Finance Department is relocating to 4747 Keele Street, at the northeast corner of Canarctic Drive and Keele Street.  The office area is in the final stages of renovations and should be ready to receive its new occupants on July 26.  After that date, correspondence with the Finance Department should simply be addressed to “Finance Department”, dropping any reference to EOB. York’s Mailing Services will ensure any envelope or package addressed to the Finance Department will find its way to the new address.

Human Resources and Occupational Health & Safety are set to move in mid-August to the Kinsmen Building, located at 8 Chimneystack Road near Keele Street.

Other upcoming moves from EOB include:

  • CUPE 3903 will move in late July/early August to the TEL building.
  • University Information Technology (Applications and Integration) will relocate in mid-August to the West Office Building.
  • The York University Staff Association will move to 190 Albany Road in the third week of August.

As these dates approach, more detailed information and updates will be provided to the University community.