Canada must fight its addiction to the old economy

Canada is truly blessed. It has an abundance of natural resources coveted by other nations, which include metals, oil and gas, as well as water, and it shares its only border and a free trade area with the world’s most prosperous economy. For Canada’s companies and its economy, however, these are mixed blessings, writes Dezsö Horváth, dean of York’s Schulich School of Business, and Matthias Kipping in The Globe and Mail’s op ed section, July 4. Read full story.

Expert: Oil, mud spills off NL threat to wildlife
York biology Professor Gail Fraser is quoted in an article in the Herald News and the Nanaimo Daily News July 5 about oil spills off Newfoundland. Read full story.

Vivid memories of the wrong guy
Alan Young, co-founder and director of the Innocence Project at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University is quoted in a Vancouver Sun article July 7 about memory reliability and that eyewitness misidentifications account for approximately 75 per cent of the roughly 300 wrongful convictions overturned in the United States by DNA evidence. Read full story.

Police looking for suspect
Toronto Police are hunting for a suspect after three women were sexually assaulted – all involving unwanted touching – in separate incidents late last week at York University’s Keele St. campus, reported the Toronto Sun and others July 8. Read full story.

York University boosts security
York University will temporarily increase the security presence on its Keele campus following sexual assaults, involving unwanted touching, last week, reported the Toronto Star, July 8. Read full story.

York Region putting development money ahead of good planning, critics say
Chasing development dollars was also not the model the province had in mind when it legislated the smart growth plan, said York Professor Mark Winfield, who studies urban sustainability, in the Toronto Star, July 6. Read full story.

Transparency urged for Ontario teachers’ college investigations
Richard LeBlanc
, a professor of law, governance and ethics at York, is quoted in a Hamilton Spectator article July 7 about transparency and sexual abuse investigations involving Ontario teachers. Read full story.

English scholar worked his craft to very end: ‘I have a book to finish’
York political science Professor Emerita Naomi Black is quoted in an obituary about S.P. Rosenbaum, her husband, and his work in The Globe and Mail, July 5. Read full story.

Manitoba’s isolation must end
Patrick Boily
, a graduate student in public and international affairs at York’s Glendon School of Public & International Affairs, wrote an opinion piece about Manitoba’s economic and population growth in the Winnipeg Free Press, July 5. Read full story.

Toronto man living in car for month to show how bad commuters have it
Tanner Zurkoski
, a York University film student, has already spent a week, sleeping, eating and editing his video blog in his car reported, July 4. Read full story.

York University hosts unique arts camp
York University graduate students are offering a free performing arts camp and lessons in music and movement this month. “The camp draws on an expansive body of scientific evidence,” graduate student Annalise D’Souza is quoted in, July 5. Read full story.

Battle over Ossington Ave. condo among several in city
York urban planning Professor Ute Lehrer is quoted in a Toronto Star article about the planned condo development on Ossington Ave. July 7. Read full story.

The memory-keeper’s dilemma
Anna St. Onge
, York University’s archivist in charge of digital projects and outreach, talks about librarians and archivists being acutely aware of the challenges – and the opportunities – the Internet presents to their respective fields, in the Ottawa Citizen, July 7. Read full story.

Feathered friends
Bridget Stutchbury
, a Canada Research Chair in ecology and conservation biology at York, is quoted in an editorial in the Calgary Herald, July 8, about the decline of the song bird. Read full story.

Sudbury inspires horror
Aaron Lupton
, who works as a librarian at York and writes movie reviews for Canada’s premier horror magazine Rue Morgue, was quoted in the Sudbury Star talking about the filming of the television show, “Dark Rising”, July 7. Read full story.

Edmonton’s Iman Mersal is the best Arabic-language poet you’ve never heard of
Walid El Khachab
, an Arabic professor at York, talks about the poetry of Iman Mersal in the Edmonton Journal July 6. Read full story.

How safe are pipelines?
Sean Kheraj, an environmental historian, comments on the safety of pipelines in the Edmonton Journal, July 6. Read full story.

Toronto Fringe Festival features Mississauga content
York University film student Abdul Malik co-wrote the play Golem, which will be performed in the Toronto Fringe Festival, reported the Mississauga News, July 6. Read full story.