School daze: Carving out a career on the kids’ schedule

Julia Richardson, a professor of organizational behaviour in York’s School of Human Resource Management, says, “Even if schools offered extended hours, there is a chance the approach could backfire, leading to further work-life balance issues,” in an article about extending school hours to match work hours in The Globe and Mail. Read full story.

BlackBerry-maker RIM battles death spiral, sparks Twitter surge
Alan Middleton
of York’s Schulich School of Business is quoted in the Toronto Star talking about RIM’s decision to send senior executives out to talk with media, July 3. Read full story.

Bruce Power seeking sweetheart deal, critics charge
Mark Winfield
, a professor in York’s Faculty of Environmental Studies, comments on the Bruce Power deal in the Toronto Star June 29. Read full story.

Aboriginal students benefit from public school dedicated to their culture, but still failing as they get older
Jacqui Lavalley, now embarking on a PhD at York, said the First Nations School reminds students of their connection to the Earth and a “beautiful way of life to follow”, in July 2. Read full story.

Down to the dirt
Alex Himelfarb, director of the Glendon School of Public and International Affairs at York, who writes a blog on public policy and affairs, inequality and politics, was quoted in an article about the lack of politeness in politics in The Telegram June 30. Read full story.

A Markham street reveals much about GTS ethnic enclave
Robert Murdie
, professor emeritus of urban social geography at York and author of several immigrant studies, is quoted in a Toronto Star article June 29 on how the suburbs are now the gateway to Canada rather than cities like Toronto. Read full story.

Lata Pada gets Diamond Jubilee medal
Artistic director of Sampradaya Dance Creations, Lata Pada, who teaches in York’s Faculty of Fine Arts, was honoured with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her outstanding contributions to the community, reported South Asian Focus July 3. Read full story.

Turn off your smartphone and enjoy a gadget-free Canada Day, experts advise
Gordon Flett, a Canada Research Chair and professor in York’s Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Health, is quoted in an article June 29 in the Winnipeg Free Press, the Chronicle-Herald and others about having a stress-free Canada Day by turning off smartphones and ignoring emails and texts. Read full story.

Canadian flag born of identity crisis
Sean Kheraj, who teaches history at York University, talks about the history of the Canadian flag in the Toronto Star July 1. Read full story.

Toronto Gay Gamers to celebrate geek-on-geek love in Pride Parade
Nick Taylor, a postdoctoral researcher at York University, is quoted in an article about online games for LGBT people in the Toronto Star June 29. Read full story.

No duty to mitigate loses
York University employment law Professor David Doorey talks about a recent case “in which courts emphasize that the employment contract is characterized by an inherent imbalance of power in the employer’s favour,” in The Lawyers Weekly July 6. Read full story.