An opportunity for real reform of Canada’s criminal code

James Morton, who teaches at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, writes about the need for an overhaul of Canada’s criminal code in the Toronto Star June 26. “There is an opportunity to make some radical changes to the justice system,” Morton writes. Read full story.

Local judge appointed to Appeal Court
Brampton Superior Court Judge Michael H. Tulloch has been appointed to the province’s Appeal Court, reported the Brampton Guardian June 25. Tulloch is a fellow of both McLaughlin and Vanier College at York and is a member of the President’s Task Force on Community Engagement at York.  Read full story.

James: Bad image intersects with Jane-Finch
City columnist for the Toronto Star Royson James talks about York Professor Carl James’s recent book, Life at the Intersection: Community, Class and Schooling, June 26. Read full story.

Redundancy misfire: communicating to the survivors
Andre de Carufel
, a professor of organizational studies at York, is quoted in an article in HC Online, June 26. Read full story.

First impressions
Second-year Osgoode Hall Law School student Rebecca Lockwood talks about the impression of lawyers in Canadian Lawyer 4Students June 25. Read full story.