Postmenopausal study participants needed

Menopause is a naturally occurring process. There are physical changes that occur within this time period that could increase disease risk.  A common characteristic is an increase in fat mass in the abdominal area, which has a known link to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. Women spend a third of their life in the postmenopausal state, and with life expectancy increasing, health and quality of life should be the focus.

Hormonal changes occurring during menopause have been associated to the weight gain that women experience. Researchers in the School of Kinesiology & Health Science’s Human Performance Laboratory at York are interested in studying different hormone levels and body composition measures in postmenopausal women from different ethnic groups.

The current research study is looking at postmenopausal women from Caucasian and Middle Eastern descent, between the ages of 48 and 65 years, for an exercise physiology study. Menopause is being defined as having no menstrual cycles in the past 12 months or more, and having undergone menopause naturally, with no surgical procedure. Participants cannot be on cholesterol, blood sugar or hormone medications.

There are specific criteria that need to be met for the purposes of this study. If you are interested and would like to take part or would like more information about this study, contact the study coordinator at or 647-886-1126.