Experts call for national strategy on bullying ‘epidemic’ in Canada

York psychology professor and bullying expert Debra Pepler talks about the changes at the cellular and brain level in children who’ve been bullied, reported the Calgary Herald, Windor Star, Guelph Mercury  and others June 19. Read full story.

Reality check: Will a plastic bag ban actually help the environment?
York environmental studies Professor Mark Winfield talks about the plastic bag ban in the Toronto Star June 20. Read full story.

Soda pop ad campaigns called misleading
York Professor Alan Middleton weighs in on whether pop companies ad campaigns are misleading and potentially diverting attention from health risks, reported CBC News June 19. Read full story.

Conservatives quietly fund massive homeless housing pilot project at home/chez soi
York Professor Stephen Gaetz, who heads the Canadian Homelessness Research Network, discusses giving homeless people a choice in their home, reported The Huffington Post June 20. Read full story.

Noise from nature and human influence birds’ song selection
Eugene Morton, a York biology professor, talks about song birds in the Australian Herald June 20. Read full story.