York grads launch bus service to Ontario parks

York University alumni Alex Berlyand and Boris Issaev have created Parkbus, a not-for-profit network of transportation that connects Toronto to Ontario provincial parks through a system of express buses, reported the Canadian Jewish News, Tuesday, June 5. Read full story.

Labatt threatens to sue Gazette over Magnotta photo
Labatt is at risk of exacerbating the damage to its brand, said Alan Middleton, marketing professor at York University’s Schulich School of Business, in a story about the brewing company’s threat to sue the Montreal Gazette unless the newspaper takes down a photo it believes could be disastrous to its brand: suspected murderer Luka Magnotta posing with one of its flagship products, reported The Globe and Mail, Tuesday, June 5. Read full story.

Calculating the cost of a good retirement
“A lot of the rules of thumb were built in the Leave It To Beaver era, where nobody had mortgages when they reached retirement and all the [grownup] kids lived by themselves,” said Moshe Milevsky, author of the new book The Seven Most Important Equations for Your Retirement in an article about how almost every assumption we use in retirement financial planning is suspect and possibly flat-out wrong, reported The Globe and Mail, Tuesday, June 5. Read full story.

York professor of criminology James Sheptycki expressed his concern about the pistolization of criminal culture in Canada and the need for more academic research into the root causes of violence in the wake of a shooting at the Toronto Eaton Centre that left one man dead and others injured, in a letter to the editor appearing in The Globe and Mail, Tuesday, June 5. Read full story.

Durie comfortable thinking more like a receiver
Former York Lions running back Andre Durie spoke about how his pro football career has evolved and the challenges associated with learning how to patient running pass routes and letting them develop rather than rely on quickness, reported The Leader Post, Tuesday, June 5. Read full story.

Creemore artist picks up Clerkson award
As the winner of the Murray Clerkson award for emerging artists, York visual arts student Rachel Thomas received $1,000, for a painting of her grandfather, who was an air force pilot. The painting will be on exhibition and for sale at the Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts, reported the Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin, Tuesday, June 5. Read full story.