Falling debris in Toronto: How likely are you to be hit?

Over the course of human history some bizarre things have fallen from the sky, but the chances of actually being hit by a random object — such as a coconut from a palm tree or concrete from the Gardiner — are pretty unlikely, says Neal Madras, a professor in York’s Department of Mathematics & Statistics at York University in the Toronto Star May 29. Read full story.

Catholic Church should compromise on gay-straight alliances
York education Professor Paul Axelrod talks about the Catholic school decision to challenge the government for allowing students to form “gay-straight alliance” clubs, in the Toronto Star May 30. Read full story.

Student entrepreneurs at York U to benefit from $2-million donation
A fellowship program made possible by a $2-million donation to York University will make students’ business dreams possible, said the school’s dean of engineering Janusz Kozinski in InsideToronto.com May 29. Read full story.

Rethinking Kindergarten
Stuart Shanker, Distinguished Research Professor of philosophy and psychology at York University, talks about how genes and temperament impact the development of self-regulation in children, and how kids with poor self-regulation struggle to cope with ordinary classroom stimulation, in an article about rethinking kindergarten in Professionally Speaking: The Magazine of the Ontario College of Teachers. Read full story.

Jury announced for the 2012 Siminovitch Prize
Shawn Kerwin
, a professor in York’s Department of Theatre in the Faculty of Fine Arts and an award-winning set and costume designer with credits in Canada, England and the United States, will be one of the jury members for the 2012 Siminovitch Prize in Theatre, announced MarketWire May 30. Read full story.

Harrelson’s Hunger Games a hit
Woody Harrelson, who received an honorary doctorate from York University in 2009, talks about his latest role as Haymitch Abernathy in the movie The Hunger Games, reports Forever Young News May 30. Read full story.

Field guide to the overachiever
York psychology Professor Gordon Flett talks about perfectionism and supermoms in the Jewish World Review May 30. Read full story.