Talking to Rose Reisman, founder of Personal Gourmet Frozen

An interview by Inside with cookbook author and entrepreneur Rose Reisman, who holds a BA and MBA from York, and recently won the Schulich School of Business Alumni Recognition Award, talks about her catering business. Read full story.

Train the brain
The brain’s executive function or control system helps us with mental juggling, says York psychology professor and cognitive neuroscientist Ellen Bialystok, reported The Sarnia Observer May 17. Read full story.

Indian students return after exciting tour
Students from India visited Canada and took a tour of York University, reported South Asian Focus May 16. Read full story.

As oxygen filled the world, life’s universal clock began to tick
Patricia Lakin-Thomas
, a circadian researcher at York University in Canada, says that the idea of alternative protein-driven genetic clocks isn’t new, reported Discover Magazine May 16. Read full story.