Universities woo top students with home visits, special perks and congratulatory T-shirts

How badly does York University want Isabel Ng-Lai as a student? A York recruiter drove to her Scarborough high school this week to hand the Grade 12 superstar a juicy four-year $24,000 scholarship [and a sweatshirt] face-to-face, reported the Toronto Star April 26. “I’m really excited; this shows how much the University actually cares; the person-to-person touch is a great idea,” said the 19-year-old, who has been courted by universities as much for starting a charity that has raised $7,000 for a school in India, as she has for top marks in courses that include calculus. In truth, Isabel has already accepted York’s offer to a spot in its prestigious Schulich School of Business. But visiting blue-chip candidates at their high school to present scholarships is one way York has upped its game in the race for top students. Read full story.