Was restaurateur who threw spice in man’s face defending his property or assaulting an innocent?

York University criminal procedure Professor James Stribopoulos says cases such as Naveen Polapady’s underscore the risks of Bill C-26, a proposed piece of legislation that aims to expand citizen’s arrest powers, particularly when there is a temporal disconnect between when an offence is committed and when a citizen attempts to intervene, reported the National Post April 26. “I think the case brings into sharp focus the potential danger of giving the citizenry more expansive arrest powers,” Stribopoulos said. “It’s going to create a greater danger of … mistakes.” Read full story.

Feds launch ’11th-hour’ bid to keep Ontario pimping law in place
Lawyer Alan Young said that the government’s “11th-hour request” for an appeal of a key law that would permit a form of living off the avails of prostitution, has made it virtually impossible for his clients to provide a meaningful response, cross-examine Crown experts or provide evidence to support their arguments, reported The Globe and Mail April 26. “It is submitted that this late request also puts this Honourable Court in the difficult position of making a decision, even a temporary one, on the basis of a fragmented and potentially misleading record,” said Young, who teaches law at York University’s Osgoode Hall Law School. Read full story.

Air Canada’s slow descent
Fred Lazar
, professor of economics at the Schulich School of Business at York University, estimates that Air Canada’s costs are as much as 50 to 60 per cent higher than some Asian and Persian Gulf carriers’ when Canada’s uncompetitive tax and airport rent policies are factored into the equation, reported Maclean’s April 23, in a story about the troubled airline. Read full story.

Where did the prof go?
As more universities face budget issues, more are turning to blended formats, especially for introductory courses, reported Maclean’s in its April 30 issue. No university has implemented them widely, but that’s about to change. In 2011-12, York University introduced 11 new blended courses. It is planning for 75, ranging from first-year to master’s-level, in 2013-14. Read full story.

Activist sues G20 undercover officer who was his ‘good friend’
Alan Young
, a law professor at York University, said Julian Ichim, the anti-poverty activist once accused of being a G20 co-conspirator, likely faces an uphill battle with his lawsuit against the Crown, Toronto police and his former “good friend” – who was actually an undercover officer tasked with infiltrating activist groups, wrote the Toronto Star. “The complaint that the plaintiff has would be a complaint that anyone would have with an undercover infiltration,” he said. “Unfortunately, the Supreme Court of Canada has been pretty clear in saying the Charter doesn’t protect you from a poor choice of friends. Meaning, if you pick someone to be your friend and it happens to be an undercover cop, that’s your problem.” Read full story.