Plans underway to build Pan Am Stadium at York

In preparation for York’s commitment to host the 2015 Pan Am Track & Field and Rugby events, an extensive work plan is now underway to prepare the site identified for the completion of a new 5,000-seat stadium by June 2014.

The new Pan Am Stadium will be built on the current site of the existing East Office Building (EOB) and extends from Ian Macdonald south to the Steacie and Lassonde buildings, and from the West Office Building (WOB) east to the Boyer Woodlot. The site for the new Pan Am track & field stadium must be ready and available for the Infrastructure Ontario-selected construction company by October 31.

A major component of these early works includes the re-routing of Ian Macdonald and Ottawa Road, as well as the rerouting of utilities that service the EOB and surrounding buildings. Additional elements include the demolition of the EOB, and the removal or relocation of a number of trees. The tree removal plan will incorporate a significant replanting program, some of which will be provided by the Pan Am stadium construction project. As a result of this project, Steacie Building and EOB and WOB parking lots will be eliminated.

Pan Am Enabling Works – Project schedule (tentative)

  • Design Consultant awarded Feb. 10.
  • Design and approvals Jan. 23 to April 23
  •  Tree removal, replacement and relocation plan, permit application and implementation, Feb. 13 to June 30
  •  Tender period April 23 to May 7
  •  Tender award May 14
  •  Ottawa Road works July
  •  Relocation of Ian MacDonald August
  •  Demolition of East Office Building August to September
  •  Construction from May 15 to Oct. 31

For more information, contact John Wilson, CSBO Construction liaison coordinator for this project, at or ext. 77598.


  • There will be NO impact on the Boyer Woodlot
  • WOB, Petrie Science, Steacie Library, Lassonde and Lumbers buildings will remain fully operational
  • Parking Services, in conjunction with the affected departments, will make new or alternate arrangements and will be in contact with all impacted clientele.

East Office Building Relocation Ripple Plan

As part of the preliminary preparation, all occupants of the EOB need to be relocated elsewhere. The demolition of the EOB, along with the relocation, moves, renovations and associated works are part of a detailed and phased implementation plan.

At this time, the following buildings have been identified as relocation sites for departments currently located in EOB: The Ross Building, 190 Albany Road, West Office Building, York Lanes, Kinsmen Building and 4747 Keele Street.

EOB Relocation Ripple Plan:

Step 1A – CSBO Fire & Safety Department

Fire and Safety Department moves from Computer Methods to second floor of 190 Albany Rd. Completion: March 30

Step 1B – Canadian Association for Community Living

Canadian Association for Community Living will temporarily move from the Kinsmen Building to 190 Albany Rd., first and second floors. First step completion: mid-April. Second step: back to the Kinsmen Building, second floor in mid- to late July. These moves are required to facilitate reconstruction work at the Kinsmen Building.

Step 1C – Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS), School of Social Work

School of Social Work will move from the Kinsmen Building to Ross Building South, eighth floor. Completion: April 16. This is being done to integrate School of Social Work more centrally with LA&PS and not because of the Pan Am Games. However, the move will provide space in the vacated Kinsmen Building to relocate certain occupants of the EOB. Human Resources and the Department of Occupational Health & Safety will vacate the EOB and relocate to the Kinsmen Building by mid-August 2012.

For more information, contact Ingrid Grant, School of Social Work, at or ext. 33193.

Step 2A – PRASE – Proposed – TBD

PRASE moves from Ross Building, third floor, Suite 324 to York Research Tower, sixth floor. Completion: TBD

Step 2B – Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, Writing Program – Proposed – TBD

Writing Program moves from first floor, Atkinson Building to Ross Building, third floor, suite 324. Completion: TBD

Step 2C – CUPE – Proposed – TBD

CUPE moves from EOB to location TBD. Completion: TBD. Temporary move in August may be required.

Step 3 – Finance

Finance moves from EOB to 4747 Keele Street. Completion: early July

Step 4 – UIT and Advancement

University Information Technology moves from EOB to West Office Building. Completion: mid-July. This requires reconfiguration of Advancement to accommodate UIT.

Step 5 – Human Resources

Human Resources and Occupational Health & Safety moves from EOB to the Kinsmen Building. Completion: mid-August

Step 6 – YUSA

YUSA moves from the EOB to 190 Albany Rd. Completion: October. Temporary move to Ross Building North, eighth floor, in August is required. All dates noted are approximate and are subject to change. Any changes to this plan will be communicated.

For more information, contact to Irma Kabashi, who is acting as EOB relocation project lead for CSBO, at or ext. 30005.