President’s Staff Recognition awardees named

Gillian Moore, administrative assistant, School of Engineering, Faculty of Science & Engineering

Every year, York University honours and celebrates the achievements of its dedicated staff.  After weeks of deliberation by the selection committees, York President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri is pleased to announce that Gillian Moore, Sheila Forshaw, Lauren Hall,  John Girardi and Sharon Pereira are the recipients of the 2011 President’s Staff Recognition Awards.

“One of York’s greatest strengths is its people,” says Shoukri. “The President’s Staff Recognition Awards provides a way to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of our staff – those whose contributions have helped to make York one of Canada’s leading universities.”

The winners will be honoured, and their achievements celebrated, at an awards dinner on April 17.

The Ronald Kent Medal
Gillian Moore, administrative assistant, School of Engineering, Faculty of Science & Engineering

Gillian Moore, administrative assistant, School of Engineering, Faculty of Science & EngineeringPresident Emeritus H. Ian Macdonald established this award in 1979 in memory of his driver, Ronald Kent, to acknowledge his commitment to the University throughout his years of service. Mr. Kent was an enthusiastic employee and a true ambassador for York.  

Also nominated for the Ronald Kent Award were: Margo Barreto, administrative assistant, School of Public Policy & Administration, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS); Deirdre Whitfeld, administrative secretary, Office of the Associate Dean, Faculty of Education; and Tina Dang, financial analyst, Advancement Services, Division of the Vice-President Advancement.

The President’s Leadership Award (formerly CPM Award)
Sheila Forshaw, executive officer, Sport & Recreation and School of Kinesiology & Health Science

Sheila Forshaw, executive officer, Sport & Recreation and School of Kinesiology & Health ScienceThe President’s Leadership award recognizes contributions that go beyond the published requirements of a position, and performance levels that foster a high level of professionalism and usually extend beyond an individual department into the University community at large.

Other nominees for the President’s Leadership Award were: Angela Zeno, manager, Research Accounting, Division of Finance; Darren Craig, manager, Parking Operations & Technology, Campus Services & Business Operations (CSBO); and Andrea England, director of Research & Partnerships, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Health.

The President’s Voice of York Award
Lauren Hall, coordinator, Transition Year Program

Lauren Hall, coordinator, Transition Year ProgramThe Voice of York Award is given to an individual employed as a receptionist or who is a first-line-of-contact person at York University. The most important voice of York is the one that callers or visitors hear first. Tact and professionalism, particularly in handling difficult or sensitive situations, is essential to our work at York University.

Also nominated  for the Voice of York were: Tina Sposato, acting executive assistant, Office of the Vice-President Research & Innovation; Alla Jacobson, administrative secretary, Office of Research & Professional Development, Faculty of Education;  and Anne Ralph, undergraduate program assistant, Department of Geography, LA&PS.

The Phyllis Clark Campus Service Award
John Girardi, electrician, Maintenance, CSBO

John Girardi, electrician, Maintenance, CSBOThe award was established in honour of Phyllis Clark, former vice-president finance and administration. The award is presented annually to a non-academic employee of York University who has made exemplary contributions to the operations of either of York’s campuses in terms of efficiency, cleanliness, safety, security and/or other campus or plant services.

Other nominees for the Phyllis Clark Campus Service Award:  Helen Hicks, supervisor, Parking Administration, CSBO; Nelia Arrojado, custodian, Maintenance, CSBO; and Joe Campbell, groundskeeper, Grounds, Fleet & Waste Management, CSBO.

The Deborah Hobson York Citizenship Award
Sharon Pereira, student affairs officer, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies

Sharon Pereira, student affairs officer, Office of the Dean, Faculty of Graduate StudiesThe long career of former vice-president enrolment and student services Deborah Hobson is characterized by her energetic commitment and boundless enthusiasm for York University and its particular vision of higher education. This award has been established in her honour.

Also nominated for the Deborah Hobson York Citizenship Award were: Aaron Doupe, manager student affairs, Office of Student Services, Glendon College; Sabina Lackner, graduate program assistant, Disaster & Emergency Management Program, Faculty of Graduate Studies; Brian Poser, director, Atkinson Centre for Mature & Part-time Students; Tere Tilban-Rios, graduate program assistant, Department of Music, Faculty of Fine Arts; Janet Friskney, research officer, Office of the Dean, LA&PS; and Suzanne Park, assistant to the master, Office of the Master, Bethune College.

For more information on each of the awards and past recipients, visit the President’s Staff Recognition Awards website.