New Human Resources Self Serve system now available

Staff sitting around a table discussing a document

The HR Self Serve system is now available to all active York employees and will soon offer a much wider range of self-serve options. It replaces the York Employee Self Service System (YESSS).

What you can currently use HR Self Serve for:

  • Review and /or update your personal information and emergency contact.
  • Review your medical, dental and life insurance coverage, and your beneficiaries.
  • Review your pay statements and direct deposit account information.
  • Go green by disabling your printed pay statements. You can view or print your pay statements online.

What’s new in this release:

  • Easier login – Use your Passport York username and password to access HR Self Serve. YESSS usernames and passwords are no longer active.  Tip: bookmark the new HR Self Serve login page.
  • Secure access – accessing HR Self Serve from off campus now requires the use of VPNYORK, a secure network access service.
  • Ease of use – New context sensitive Help feature – Check out the “Try It!” and “Do It!” buttons. Try It! will lead you through what you are trying to do step by step in a simulated environment. Do It! will lead you through actually doing it and saving it in the live HR Self Serve system.
  • Personal information:
    • Your “business e-mail” will be set up by the system with your
    • Important – Faculty and staff at Faculty of Education, Glendon, Osgoode, and Schulich. You must set up a “unit e-mail” with your email address. HR Self Serve will set up forwarding to the email address you enter as your “unit e-mail”.
    • You can now record a “contact” phone number if your primary contact number is a cell phone or other number than your York business number and extension.

What’s coming later this summer: 

Employees will be able to request vacation and leaves and review their entitlements and balances. Request and approvals will be done in HR Self Serve and notifications will be sent by e-mail, helping the University further reduce its reliance on paper-based methods

For more information, contact Sue Bulof at or Pampa Dey at