Eco Art & Media Festival dances with diversity

photo of an Eco Art Fest performance

students performing at Eco Art & Media FestivalThe Faculty of Environmental Studies at York will next week host its 18th annual Eco Art & Media Festival, Dancing with Diversity: Reflecting, Rethinking, Reframing, starting with a collective mural and a celebration of International Women’s Day.

The Eco Art & Media Festival will take place March 5 to 9 at various locations on the Keele campus. All of the events are free of charge.  It’s a multi-day festival to celebrate and share diverse forms of creative expression.

A performance from a previous Eco Art & Media Festival  

This year’s highlights will include the second Human Library event on March 7, providing a unique opportunity to dialogue with a variety of “human books” over a warm cup of tea, and the annual cabaret. The cabaret will be an evening of performances, crafts and community at the Tranzac Club in Toronto on March 9.

In addition, there will be a film night, a garden seeding workshop and a Building the 8th Fire workshop that will look at 500 years of shared history in Canada between Europeans and First Nations people.

The Eco Art & Media Festival aims to inspire a public dialogue about ongoing social, political and environmental issues, while encouraging and supporting artistic and cultural expression. This year’s theme of diversity is designed to appeal to an assortment of interests and tastes.

An installation from a previous Eco Art & Media FestivalOver the years, the festival has grown in participation and in its power to tap the creative energies of students, faculty, staff and alumni. Last year, the festival engaged approximately 100 individuals in the organizational and creative processes, and well over 500 attended various events and activities.

An installation from a previous Eco Art & Media Festival

The festival has been coordinated every spring since 1995 by the Wild Garden Media Centre, based in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York. As a campus-wide and community event, the Eco Art & Media Festival is co-sponsored by several York University Faculties and departments, as well as community organizations that share the vision of community art for education and social change.

For more information and a list of events and venues, visit the Eco Art & Media Festival website.