YUPC offers group sessions for anxiety

Are you a worrywart? Do you worry about worrying? Well, worry no longer. The York University Psychology Clinic is offering a 12-session cognitive behaviour therapy group, Managing Your Anxiety and Worry.

The sessions run from 5:30 to 7pm every Wednesday starting March 7 at 102 Behavioural Sciences Building, Keele campus.

Learn practical skills to cope with anxiety, including:

  • How to understand and identify the cycle of anxiety and worry
  • How to use worry management techniques in everyday life
  • How to use relaxation techniques to reduce anxiety
  • How to challenge and reframe thinking patterns that promote anxiety
  • How to effectively deal with fear and other emotions triggered by anxiety

The fee for the 12 sessions is $395, which includes receiving the Mastery of Your Anxiety and Worry: Workbook by Michelle Craske and David Barlow. The fee should be reimbursable under most workplace extended health plans.

A brief assessment interview will be conducted prior to the group starting to ensure you will benefit from the program.

About the group leader

Leah Shapira, MA, is completing her PhD in clinical psychology. She has extensive training in individual and group therapy for a variety of psychological difficulties, including stress management, panic and anxiety. She has authored numerous scientific publications on how to enhance and maintain mood and well-being.

To register for the group, contact the YUPC at 416-650-8488 or yupc@yorku.ca.