Students, want to be the president of York for a day?

president for the day add. Want to be president of Yorku for a day?

Presedent for a day PosterIn what could be a first in Canada, the president of York University plans to swap roles with an undergraduate for a day and learn what student life is like.

“I am really looking forward to spending a day in the life of a student here at York,” says Mamdouh Shoukri, York president & vice-chancellor. “This is a unique and exciting opportunity to engage with the community and participate in the current student experience.”

The day will be Feb. 28 and the student must submit the best written or video essay in this President for a Day contest.

On Feb. 28, Shoukri will break out his pens and a backpack and attend the student’s classes and other campus commitments. That same day, the student will be required to attend the president’s meetings and take care of his other obligations and duties.

“I am not sure what to expect, but if one considers all the programs across our campuses, there is a possibility I may even be dancing,” says Shoukri.

If you are a York undergraduate student and would like a chance to be president for a day, submit a resumé and a 500-word written or video essay answering the question: “What would be your top three priorities that would directly impact students if you were appointed president of York University?”

Submit your entry no later than 4pm EST on Feb. 6. A selection committee will announce the winner on Feb. 17.

For more information, visit the York University President For A Day website or follow on Twitter at @yupres4aday.