Study says non-native species threaten Canada due to climate change

A newly published biology study by York postdoctoral fellow Andrea Smith says alien plants and animals are already invading Canada through doors opened by climate change, and research and policy lag far behind, wrote The Canadian Press Jan. 20. “We need to be focusing on working out what species are potential threats under climate change and directing more research toward predicting where they’re going to be,” said Smith. Read full story

Scotia Plaza could go for $1 billion
The Bank of Nova Scotia is considering selling its head office, Scotia Plaza, and cashing out, wrote the Toronto Star Jan. 20. “There are just a handful of trophy buildings like this in Canada that are well located, well built and well tenanted,” said James McKellar,  associate dean in the Real Estate and Infrastructure Program at York’s Schulich School of Business. Read full story

It’s all in her head
Deborah Britzman
, author of Freud and Education, psychoanalyst and Distinguished Research Professor of Education in the Faculty of Education at York University, joined the Popcorn Panel in discussing the film A Dangerous Method, in the National Post Jan. 20. “I found watching the film exciting and wonder why there are not more films that engage significant ideas and their emotional dilemmas,” she began. Read full story

Northumberland Players take flight
Helen Matthew
(BA ’01) is a highly recognizable name in the theatre community of Northumberland County, wrote Northumberland Jan. 20, in a story about Here on the Flight Path, a new production by the Northumberland Players. Read full story

Music and Cognition: The Mozart Effect Revisited
Nina Kraus, a noted neurobiologist who runs Northwestern University’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory, was impressed by a study published in October by researchers at York University in Toronto, wrote San Francisco Classical Voice ( Jan. 19. It showed a rise in verbal IQ scores among young kids who took an interactive music-training program. Read full story