Talk looks at how black women cope in face of loss from gun violence

The trauma, stress and resiliency of black women who’ve lost a child to gun violence will be examined by Professor Annette Bailey of Ryerson University’s Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing at a session tomorrow of the Women’s Health & Mental Wellbeing Speakers Series.

The talk, “Traumatic Stress, Social Support, Cognitive Appraisal and Resiliency Among Black Women Experiencing Gun Violence Loss,” will take place Wednesday, Oct. 5, from noon to 1pm, at 280N York Lanes. RSVP to, as space is limited. Refreshments will be provided.

 Annette BaileyBailey, who previously taught in York’s School of Nursing, has worked in acute and community health nursing settings. Much of her work in community-health nursing has focused on inter-agency collaboration to address key determinants of health for diverse populations in Toronto.

Right: Annette Bailey

Her research interests are in violence and trauma, trauma and resilience, and grief and violent loss. Her most recent research activity focused on traumatic stress and resilience among black women who have lost a child to gun violence in Toronto.

The event is sponsored by the Echo Chair in Women’s Mental Health Research Office in York’s Faculty of Health.

For more information, visit the Women’s Health & Mental Wellbeing Speakers Series website.