Subway construction restricts access to the colonnade and YRT

Starting today, the south entrance doors to the York Research Tower vestibule and the east entrance doors to the York Lanes colonnade will be closed due to construction related to the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension.

The closures will continue through the first stage of construction. Directional signs have been posted to guide pedestrians around the construction. The east entrance doors of the York Research Tower vestibule will remain open.

Access between the York Research Tower and York Lanes can be made through the second floor hallway connection. To locate the connection, go through the York Lanes ground floor office located between the pharmacy and medical centre.

Access to the east end of campus beyond the York Research Tower, including the York Boulevard parking lot, the Central Utilities Building and the Kinsmen Building can be made by:

  • taking the fenced pathway intersecting the Harry W. Arthurs Common construction site running north from the bus diversion road; or
  • taking the sidewalks on the west side of York Lanes or the west side of the York Lanes parking structure to Ian Macdonald Boulevard.

For more TYSSE construction information, contact the construction information line at 1-800-223-6192 or e-mail the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension at For hearing impaired service, contact TTY Service 416-481-2523 (daily, 8am to 6pm, closed holidays).