Local community Good Food Market opens tomorrow

People buying Healthy, affordable and culturally diverse food from a marketHealthy, affordable and culturally diverse food is on the menu at the Shoreham Food Market opening Thursday, July 14 and serving the York University and Black Creek communities.

The market will operate at 4401 Jane St. at the Driftwood Community Centre, every Thursday until Oct. 28, from 3 to 7pm.

In addition to food, there will be local vendors selling everything from jewelry to clothing, as well as activities for children and health nutrition education. There are plenty of opportunities for more vendors, so anyone who is interested in selling goods at the market should contact Kidist at yorkcec@yorku.ca.

The York University-TD Community Engagement Centre is one of the organizers of the market and this is one of its many outreach initiatives.

“Accessing fresh, healthy, low-cost food can be a challenge for residents in the Jane-Finch area. This market initiative is a collaboration that brings a new asset into the neighbourhood to help address that challenge,” says Sue Levesque, executive director of the York University-TD Community Engagement Centre. “It also provides a venue for people from York and from the local area to mingle – all kinds of interesting outcomes stem from the dozens of casual conversations that start up between people shopping at the market. Come join us.”

Whenever possible, the food is brought in from local sources through FoodShare from the farmers who grow it. Each week, the proceeds from the fresh food are used to buy food for sale the following week, while local vendors keep their own proceeds.

York University students, faculty and staff, local community residents, community agencies and City of Toronto Councillor Anthony Peruzza’s office, who are involved with the Black Creek Food Justice Action Network, all have a hand in making the market a reality.

The Good Food Market was established to bring healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food within walking distance of the University and Black Creek communities.

To learn more, visit the FoodShare website.