Sport & Recreation launches a new model for varsity sports

York University Sport & Recreation has launched a new sport model that provides a framework for the pursuit of excellence in varsity sports and the continuation of broad competitive athletic opportunities for all students.

More than winning championship banners, York University’s new sport model is dedicated to the development of the complete student-athlete. It includes athletic achievement and academic success, as well as the shaping of good community members who exhibit integrity, leadership and personal responsibility.

In addition to developing well-rounded student athletes, York is committed to attracting knowledgeable and successful coaches, making available the appropriate and required infrastructure for high-level training and providing resources to ensure competitive success.

“The implemJennifer Myers entation of a new sport model represents an exciting time for our department. We are challenging our student-athletes to strive for excellence on the playing field, in the classroom and beyond their years at York, while ensuring we provide the student-athletes with the best possible resources to succeed,” said Jennifer Myers (left), director, sport & recreation.

“The framework also helps the department focus its priorities without diminishing sport and recreation opportunities for all of York’s students, and I am looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish over the next number of years,” said Myers.

The York sport model is based on the results of a year-long sport review process that considered a diverse set of principles and criteria, as well as discussions with internal stakeholders and provincial and national sport organizations. The ensuing framework strategically aligns priorities, focuses resources and clearly articulates the department’s goals.

The new sport model organizes the varsity teams into three categories based on a number of criteria, including the history of success in the last five years, the greatest capacity to influence the reputation of York on a national basis, the presence of highly skilled student-athletes who train year-round and the competitive structure of the league. The rest of the sport teams at York will fall into the recreation sport club classification.

As well as enabling the department to focus its resources, the new alignment of York’s varsity teams and recreational clubs provides broader opportunities for participation by all students at the University. The championship fund has been expanded to provide financial and resource support for all student-athletes who qualify for their respective Ontario University Athletics (OUA) and/or Canadian Interuniversity Sports (CIS) championships, including those who participate in a recreational club sport that leads to an OUA open championship.

Moving forward, York Sport & Recreation will support 19 varsity teams within three categories – varsity elite, varsity high performance and varsity competitive:

Elite High Performance Competitive
Football Men’s Basketball Field Hockey
Men’s Soccer Women’s Basketball Women’s Rugby
Women’s Soccer Men’s Cross Country Men’s Tennis
Women’s Volleyball Women’s Cross Country Women’s Tennis
Men’s Hockey Men’s Wrestling
Women’s Hockey Women’s Wrestling
Men’s Track & Field
Women’s Track & Field
Men’s Volleyball
For the 2012-20113 season, men’s and women’s wrestling will be added to the varsity competitive program and both teams will compete in OUA and CIS leagues. Effective immediately, men’s and women’s swimming and water polo, as well as badminton, have been moved to the recreation sport club classification. The 2011-2012 season will serve as a transition year for all other changes, with full implementation of the model to begin in 2012.

“Varsity sport plays an integral role in the promotion of institutional pride and the building and maintenance of relationships with the community and alumni,” said Rob Tiffin, vice-president students. “This model provides a foundation upon which we can maximize participation for all students to enhance the overall student experience at York.”