Lack of nutrients may make some vulnerable to mental illness, says prof

Does the lack of good food make some people more vulnerable to mental illness? That’s what clinical psychology Professor Julia Rucklidge of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand will discuss at the next LaMarsh Centre for Child & Youth Research lecture.

The talk, “Micronutrients for Mental Illness: Rethinking the Scientific Paradigm”, will take place Monday, June 27, from 10am to noon, in 280N York Lanes, Keele campus.

Julia RucklidgeRight: Julia Rucklidge

Rucklidge will discuss the historical context of micronutrient treatments in physical and mental health and elaborate on factors that may be contributing to lowered nutritional intake in the Western world. She will introduce some theoretical models as to why some people may be more vulnerable to mental illness when nutritionally compromised.

In her discussion, she will also look at mechanisms that may play a role in how vitamins and minerals impact on optimal brain functioning. A review of the research to date on micronutrient formulas used for the treatment of mental disorders and mental health symptoms will round off the lecture.

Rucklidge’s research interests include ADHD across the lifespan, early presentations of bipolar disorder, risk factors associated with young offending and nutritional treatments for psychiatric disorders.

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