Bird’s eye view of goslings offered on web feet, er, feed

Honk if you love York! A small family of Canada geese has again arrived to nest in the central enclosed courtyard in the East Office Building (EOB) on York’s Keele campus.

Staff working in EOB have long enjoyed the annual experience of watching their feathered guests. This year, in response to community interest, the flock at the University Information Technology (UIT) Division have set up a GooseCam to provide a live webcast of the family.

 Live web feet of Canada geese nesting in the East Office Building Courtyard
Above: Click on the image to view a live webcast of the EOB goslings and their parents

In about a week, the parents and their offspring will be escorted through the halls of the EOB into the big, wide world in a move to get the goslings into a safer environment. It’s important to keep the babies healthy, as tweetment would be expensive.

Sources say the family’s first stop after the move will probably be the local nest-café where they can grab a coffee and rehover.

Before these birds become poultry in motion, drop by the EOB GooseCam and grab a gander. Silverlight is required to view this video. Can’t see the live web feet? Open in your own media player. It took less than one hour for UIT staff to install the webcam and build the web page.

For last year’s flutter, see YFile, May 10, 2010.

By Jenny Pitt-Clark, YFile avian editor