Glendon’s associate principal academic & research steps down

Glendon’s Françoise Mougeon will be stepping down this July after completing her three-year term as the associate principal academic & research.

“Françoise Mougeon has made a signal contribution to Glendon through her two tenures as associate principal academic & research,” said Glendon Principal Kenneth McRoberts. “Over these several years, Françoise could always be counted on to discharge her responsibilities with a clear sense of purpose, with a concern with rigour and fairness, and with close attention to detail. Through it all, she managed to maintain an active research program, to which she soon can give her full attention with a well-deserved sabbatical.”

Françoise MougeonRight: Françoise Mougeon

Mougeon is completing her second term as associate principal academic & research, having also served from 2003 to 2004. She will be on sabbatical starting July 1, and will return to teaching in 2012.

Mougeon’s research focused on the progress of students in their second language with funding through a Social Science & Humanities Research Council of Canada grant, from 2005 to 2008, and it continues still, in collaboration with a professor at the University of Toronto.

“My hope is to establish a French-as-a-second-language institute at Glendon, enlarging our research to studying students who are not specializing in languages,” said Mougeon, an active member of Glendon’s Centre for Research on Language Contact. “I have always tried to project linguistics and language studies as more than a support subject, but rather an important academic subject on its own.” Other future projects on her agenda include establishing a centre for advanced studies on francophonies, which she considers a natural development for Glendon, given that relating projects are already in progress and there are a significant number of fellow faculty members on campus – a core group – who are interested in participating.

She has several ongoing projects to hand over with the position. These include an innovative program for francophone students choosing public relations as their future profession. The four-year program, still to be approved, would provide graduates with a Glendon BA and a Cité Collégiale diploma, completed at the same time.

Submitted by Glendon communications officer Marika Kemeny