Accident claims life of York student Nestor Oliva and his father

Nestor OlivaNestor Oliva, a shy young man who loved music, was just coming out of his shell during his first year at York when he was killed suddenly with his father Raul in a car accident on April 20 in Mississauga.

Right: Nestor Oliva

York University will fly the Commons flag at half-mast from noon today until noon tomorrow in memory of Oliva, who was a student in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies.

Raul OlivaBoth Nestor, 18, and his father were returning from a short trip to the store in a 1998 Pontiac Fiero. Raul Oliva (left) lost control of the rear-engine fibreglass sports car, which hit a tree, killing father and son. The store was just a two-minute walk away, but the pair had decided to go by car, said Cintya Oliva, Nestor’s sister-in-law.

Born Nov. 16, 1992, Nestor loved to play piano and guitar, said his sister-in-law. “He was going to do a charity concert for cancer and AIDS,” she said. “He was always very shy and timid, but he was really enjoying his first year and was becoming more sociable.” His mother, Erica, described him as “sweet and kind”.

Nestor is survived by his mother, brothers Ludim and Ignacio, and his sister Catalina, with whom he was very close.

The funeral was held in April.