Mystery novel published by York professional writing students

York’s Leaping Lion Books along with students in the book publishing practicum course and Professional Writing Program are launching a new campus murder mystery novel today – Speechless: A Life of the Mind University Mystery by “Morty Guggenmoose”.

The launch will take place at noon in the York University Bookstore in York Lanes, Keele campus.

In likeness to acclaimed authors Ruth Dudley and Tom Sharpe, Guggenmoose, portrayed as a former graduate student writing a memoir, explores campus culture, pretentious attitudes and common student issues in satirizing elements of academic life.

Speechless features two students out to unravel several intertwined problems, including the theft of precious ancient Roman coins, a falsely accused classmate and a violent murder. Guggenmoose is at the centre of all this as he stresses over freeing his blundering schoolmate from prison, tries to win his true love’s heart and plots tirelessly to keep his only real friend from leaving for business school.

Rumours circulating on YouTube assert that the actual author of the book is a certain York English professor.

The students-turned-publishers at Leaping Lion Books are working under the instruction of the publisher and course instructor Mike O’Connor in York’s Department of English, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies.

For more information, visit the Leaping Lion Books website or e-mail Follow Leaping Lion Books on Twitter and Facebook as well as its YouTube channel.