Popular Empire series returns to York after two-year hiatus

After a two-year hiatus, the highly popular Empire series of interdisciplinary talks returns to York’s Keele campus this Thursday. Empires II is a joint project of the Departments of Anthropology, History and Sociology in York’s Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies, and offers University community members an opportunity to participate in free talks that examine the concept of empire from a number of perspectives.

“Empires II – Empire and its Subjects” happens on Thursday, Feb. 3, from 2:30 to 4:30pm in the History Common Room, 2183 Vari Hall. This session examines the ways in which the three different departments define and approach the concept of empire as it relates to its subjects. Thursday’s talk will highlight points of commonality and differences between these different disciplines.

Sociology Professor Lesley Wood will present the first portion of this three-part talk with “Policing Protest in an Age of Empire”.

Left: Lesley Wood

Dan Yon, an anthropology professor who also teaches in the Faculty of Education, will deliver the next section of the talk with “Unsettling Racial Landscapes: ‘One Hundred Men’, Colonial Agricultural Workers in Post-war Rural England”.

Right: Dan Yon

The talk will wrap with Daniel Bullard, a PhD student in history in York’s Faculty of Graduate Studies. Bullard’s talk is titled “Finding the Subjects of Post-Empire: One Case Study”.

The goal of the talk is to help build intellectual bridges among professors and graduate students in history, anthropology and sociology, and to enrich conversations between their disciplines. All members of the University community are also invited to attend the event.

Light refreshments will be served.