Healthy living event arrives at Vari Hall tomorrow

York is U and the York Alumni Office will present a special showcase, “Healthy Living: Mind, Body and Soul”, on Tuesday, from 10am to 4pm, in Vari Hall. The event will feature three interactive stations, named Mind, Body and Soul. Each will provide engaging activities and games for students, along with cool prizes and giveaways.

Nina SpencerIncluded are activities such as peer massages, games and puzzles, and information about ways to stick to your New Year’s resolutions. Cotton Candy and snacks will also be available – for those whose resolutions don’t include dieting.

Later in the evening, starting at 7pm, students and alumni are invited to hear more about how to start the New Year on the right foot with the help of our mind, body and soul expert, Nina Spencer (BA ’79) (right). She will share the eight passion points for reclaiming that zest for daily work and empowering you to grab your life by the ankles and give it a fling.

Spencer is a York grad and a Toronto native. Heralded by the National Post as “one of Canada’s leading motivational speakers” and a recurring expert advisor on workplace issues in The Globe and Mail, she is also author of the bestseller, Getting Passion Out of Your Profession: How to keep loving your living…come what may.

Spencer will speak in Vari Hall’s Lecture Room A. Registration starts at 6:30pm and light refreshments and snacks will be available. The event is free for all current students and no prior registration is necessary, however, seating is limited and students are asked to get their tickets during the day from Mind, Body and Soul stations in Vari Hall. Tickets are $15 for alumni and are available online at the York Alumni website.

Amir Koldorf, alumni engagement director for york is U, looks forward to seeing both current students and grads on Tuesday. “The goal of this event is to bring York alumni and York students together and help them take away some lifelong skills.”