STOP Anti-Theft program for laptops launches at York

Students are often urged not to leave their laptop computers unattended, but even so at campuses across the country laptops are stolen. To combat laptop theft, a STOP Anti-Theft program has been launched at York University. 

Computers that have been stickered or “tattooed” are considered less desirable by thieves. Under the STOP program, the laptop is registered to a North American database, which makes it easier to track and return stolen laptops to their rightful owners. A metal STOP plate sticker with a bar code is attached to the computer. Underneath the sticker, “stolen property” along with a toll free phone number is tattooed on the computer.

“It’s all about fighting back. This is a worthwhile attempt to foil thefts and keep thieves off our campus,” says Rob Kilfoyle, director of Security Services.

York’s Security Services campus relations officials will be at the bookstore until Friday, Jan. 14, from 10am to 2pm, to explain, assist and affix metal STOP plates to laptops and complete the registration process for students. Campus relations officials will then be at the Scott Library, starting Monday, Jan. 17 until Friday, Jan. 28, from 10am to 2pm. After that, Security Services will hold “STOP” Wednesdays, from 10am to 2pm throughout the term, alternating between the bookstore and the Scott Library.

There will be an introductory charge of $14.95 to offset the cost, which is less than the $20 retail price at most campuses.

“Just like buying antivirus software makes sense, the STOP program will also help protect your computer,” says Dragan Spasojevic, manager of Community Relations & Crime Prevention.