Unplug before the holiday break




By unplugging on weekends and holidays, York has reduced its energy consumption this year by eight per cent compared to 2009. Unplug during the upcoming winter holiday break and that savings could be even higher.

A total of 453,036 kilowatt hours of energy were saved, based on average consumption in August and September 2010.  

That’s enough electricity to power Vari Hall for 5.4 months or the West Office Building for 2.4 years; or to power the Tait McKenzie Centre for three months, the Student Centre for 3.3 months and Scott Library for 3.5 months.  

You could make even more of a difference by doing a few simple things over the winter holiday break.

In the office, turn off your computer, monitor, printer and office equipment, lamps, shredder, chargers and radio. Unplug your small space heater.   

In the kitchenette areas, designate one person to unplug all appliances (microwaves, coffee machines, water coolers, kettles and toasters) before the holiday begins.  

By doing your part you’ll also help York achieve its five-year, 25-per-cent energy-reduction goalYorkWISE! has more tips on how you can reduce your ecological footprint.

For the best way to unplug your electronic equipment, see University Information Technology’s recommendations.