New directions in Victorian research focus of upcoming symposium

The Victorian Studies Network at York (VSNY) will delve into New Directions in Victorian Research at its third annual symposium this Friday.

Faculty and students from English, history, political science, science & technology, and the Scott Library will discuss their current scholarship during the symposium, which will take place Oct. 22, from 10am to 2:45pm, 203A Norman Bethune College, Keele campus.

The morning session, moderated by Katey Anderson of the Department of Humanities, will start with Alison Halsall of the Department of English discussing “The Polysemic Pliancy of Elizabeth Siddal in H. D.’s White Rose and the Red”. The manuscript White Rose and the Red by H. D. (Hilda Doolittle, 1886-1961), had never been published and instead had been tucked away in archives until Halsall’s edited version was published last year.

Next on the program will be York student Benjamin Mitchell’s talk on “Somewhere Between Light and Shadow: Alfred Russel Wallace, Spirit Photography and the Trial of Henry Slade”. Wallace was a British naturalist and an associate of Charles Darwin. Scott Library Librarian Scott McLaren will then look at “The Unmapped Country Within Us: New Acquisitions in Victorian Print Culture”.

In the afternoon session, moderated by Victor Shea of the Department of Humanities, York student Constance Crompton will talk about “Building Gentility: Eugen Sandow and Middle-Class Masculine Muscles”. This will be followed by history Professor Michael Michie’s look at “‘A Strange Dice-Box of a World’: The Transcolonial Careers of Henry Samuel Chapman” and a talk by Melinda Baldwin – “‘I Wish I Were Wise Enough to Understand More of it’: Nature’s Audience, 1869-1880”.

Everyone is welcome to attend. The VSNY is an interdisciplinary network whose membership spans a range of departments and programs across York. The symposium is sponsored by the Office of the Associate Dean of Research in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies.

For more information, visit the VSNY website.