One-stop shop highlights learning opportunities for York employees

Today, York University launches an innovative skill, knowledge and professional development calendar for its employees.

The York Employee Learning Calendar offers a one-stop shop for those who seek to enhance their skills and knowledge.

It used to be that if you wanted training in the latest version of Microsoft Office, you would go to one website and if you needed training in Verbal Judo for Professionals you would need to go to another. The new York Employee Learning Calendar (YELC), brings it all together in one convenient web resource. “Now, instead of going to a number of different sites to get information on skills and professional development courses, employees can find all the information about these courses in one convenient location,” says Suzanne Killick, director of Learning & Organizational Development in York’s Department of Human Resources.


The calendar, says Killick, covers all areas across the University that are offering training, integrating them into one seamless interface. Employees can find information about training in website authoring tools, diversity training, the Student Information System, innovations in Microsoft Office, professional development for faculty and more – all under one umbrella. “All the course descriptions, including times and duration, will be available for employees on this site,” she says. “It is a dedicated site and it will offer a valuable service for employees seeking skill, knowledge and professional development courses.”

This initiative is the result of extensive pan-University collaboration among the following department partners at York: Pension & Benefits, Registrarial Services, the Emergency Preparedness Program, the Retirement Planning Centre, Learning & Organizational Development, the Centre for Human Rights, Learning Technology Services, the Department of Occupational Health & Safety, the York University Psychology Clinic, the Centre for the Support of Teaching, Treasury and Procurement Services in the Finance Division, Campus Relations & Security Services. All units participated in the development of the calendar. 

"The University Information Technology unit staff were instrumental in contributing their expertise to find a technical solution," says Killick. “The calendar really shows the breadth and scope of learning opportunities on campus. The course offerings will be refreshed on an ongoing basis."

"There are tremendous benefits to this type of calendar," she adds. "It offers a one-stop-shop, limits confusion and duplication, and is much simpler for employees seeking to embark upon, or continue, their lifelong learning. What really impressed me was the scope and depth of learning opportunities available for University employees. As well, most of the courses are offered free of charge.”

The York Employee Learning Calendar will continue to develop over time. “We are looking at offering a central online registration system,” says Killick.

To learn more about the valuable learning opportunities available for employees of the University, visit the York Employee Learning Calendar.