Fall Co-curricular Week designed to inspire students

After the first few weeks of classes many students find it helpful to take some time to reflect on how they are handling their studies. 

With that in mind, York University’s Retention Council, working with service units, the colleges, faculties, student clubs and governments on campus, developed a special week of activities designed to connect, develop and inspire students to make the very best of their postsecondary education.

Fall Co-curricular Week, Oct. 9 to 15, offers a perfect opportunity for York students to gain the skills and connections they need to continue to thrive and enjoy their time at university. 

"Co-curricular week offers a pause in classes at mid-term to provide students an opportunity to reflect on their progress, connect to the wealth of campus services in support of their academic success and find points of meaningful engagement with campus life," says Professor Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt, York’s associate vice-president of academic learning initiatives.

Left: Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt

"While many events target first-year students in the midst of their transition to the demands of university life, sessions will benefit students at all levels," says Fisher-Stitt.

The result is a calendar brimming with interesting events. To help students navigate through the myriad of course offerings and fun events, organizers have developed a checklist to help students plan their co-curricular week. Each point in the checklist is designed to help students identify their specific goals. From there, students can choose learning skills workshops, social events and career-building seminars best suited to their needs. 


"Success at university depends on engagement, both inside and outside the classroom," says Fisher-Stitt. "Sessions pertaining to academic skills and advising are aimed at enhancing students’ success in their course work and degree programs. Events hosted by the Career Centre raise students’ awareness about their own skills and potential career paths. And the various social and community events that are part of Fall Co-curricular Week can provide students with the rewards of participation in student life."

There are also activities aimed at fourth-year students and graduate students. "For example, there are sessions for graduate students about overcoming writer’s block and doing graduate-level research in the libraries," says Fisher-Stitt, "and there are sessions on applying to post-graduate degree programs for those undergraduates looking ahead."

Organizers have not forgotten the F-U-N factor in their planning. For those wondering what it is like to be the master of a college, Fall Co-curricular Week offers students the opportunity to have tea with the masters of York’s McLaughlin, Founders and New Colleges. There’s also an array of sports events, open houses and varsity sports.

Fall Co-curricular Week is a pan-university effort with events scheduled on both the Keele and Glendon campuses. In fact, the number of events is growing daily and the best part is that all the events are free.

For an update, check out the Fall Co-curricular Week website.