Alumni insurance ‘perks’ are now available to faculty and staff

York staff and faculty are discovering a new way to save money – right here on campus. They are now eligible for automobile, home, travel and small business group insurance rates thanks to a revised agreement between York University and TD Insurance Meloche Monnex.

This partnership agreement makes useful benefits available to York families while providing financial support back to the University. "Alumni, staff, faculty and students get access to great deals – and right now, we could all use a great deal – and the program supports York University by generating revenue that goes to support student, faculty and alumni activities," says James Allan, senior director of alumni. Numerous events such as the Chair’s Cup Golf Tournament, Career Conversations Seminars and the Film Department’s 40th Anniversary have all benefited from the funds.

More than 16,000 grads are already signed up for the home and auto insurance alumni perk, which was introduced in 1993. "With each graduating class the value of the perks program grows. Last year alone there were over 66,000 transactions made through the program," says Melanie McLean, manager of alumni affinity and business services. "The Alumni Perks Program is particularly valuable to recent grads who are often on a tight budget. Insurance is just one of many perks we have arranged and most of them are available to staff and faculty as well as alumni."

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