Ombudsperson’s report on student elections delivered to YFS

Vice-President Students Robert Tiffin yesterday delivered a report on student government elections by York University Ombudsperson John McCamus to the York Federation of Students (YFS). The report was accompanied by a letter from President & Vice-Chancellor Mamdouh Shoukri.

“The ombudsperson has provided a thoughtful, comprehensive report on the YFS elections,” said Tiffin. “I look forward to working with the YFS executive in the fall term to implement recommendations set forth in it.”

The president had requested the ombudsperson’s review in response to numerous complaints about YFS elections held last spring. Under Presidential Regulation 4, covering recognition of student organizations, the University has a role to play in ensuring democratic renewal in student government.

In his letter to YFS President Krisna Saravanamuttu, Shoukri wrote: “I appreciate your cooperation, in recognition of our common desire to improve the active engagement of York students in democratic governance.” Shoukri has asked Tiffin to work with the student federation in developing a plan for implementing the report in time for YFS elections in 2011.

Independent of the president’s request to the ombudsperson, the YFS leadership commissioned a review of the elections by the Toronto law firm Davis LLP. An abridged version of the Davis report was appended to the minutes of a YFS board meeting held Aug. 26. “It is encouraging to note that there are a number of similar recommendations in the election review completed at the request of YFS by their legal counsel,” said Tiffin.

The ombudsperson’s report and the president’s letter can be seen at the Office of the Vice-President Students page.