Short-term and daily maximum parking rates go up today

York University’s short-term and daily maximum parking rates are increasing as of Sept. 1 – the first increase of its kind in six years. 

The University expects the trend of increased demand for short-term daily parking will continue to grow this year. As such, the demands on operations that support short-term parking are also increasing and rates are being adjusted to more reasonably support that.

In addition, rates are being adjusted to recognize the need for more access to high demand areas such as York Lanes and to encourage space usage to be as efficient as possible.

The number of students, faculty and staff who commute to York’s Keele campus via public transit, however, continues to rise, which is good news for the environment and further illustrates the need and benefit of having subway service on our campus. 

Permit parking rates will remain unchanged this academic year and as such are not listed below. 

The following is the daily parking rates for 2010-2011, effective Sept. 1:        

  1. Rates for the Arboretum Lane Parking Garage and the Student Service Parking Garage are $4.50/hr. – an increase of 50 cents per hour. 
  2. Rates for on-street parking and short-term parking lots are $3.50 per hour, an increase of 50 cents per hour.
  3. The daily maximum for the Arboretum Parking Garage and Student Services Parking Garage is $15 – an increase of $1.
  4. Daily maximum rate for flat fee lots is $10 per day – an increase of $1 per day
  5. Evening maximum rates for flat fee lots is $8 – increase of $1; weekend flat rate maximums remain unchanged.
  6. On-street parking maximums are unchanged at $15.
  7. York Lanes Parking Garage rate is $5 per hour – an increase of $1 per hour.
  8. York Lanes Parking Garage daily maximum is $20 – an increase of $5.

For more information, visit the Parking Services Web site.