Contribute nothing and win during Clean Air Commute 2010

Are you up to the challenge? Can you make the changes necessary to contribute nothing to pollution? York’s Parking & Transportation Services has teamed up with Pollution Probe to participate in this year’s Clean Air Commute.

From June 14 to 18, you can help reduce smog and stop climate change by trying something new – a greener way of commuting to work. All those who participate will be entered into a draw for a nine-day tour of Costa Rica, one of two $1,000 shopping sprees or even a bike.

Choose your mode of commuting, click here to sign up and create an account for your online diary card, and track the amount of emissions you reduce this week. Hard copies of the diary card are also available from the Parking & Transportation Services Office at 222 William Small Centre. Submit your diary card by June 30 for your chance to win!

It only takes a few small changes to your daily routine and, even if you only clean air commute for one day, you’re still participating and can win a prize for your efforts. You can even take part just by checking the air in your tires – anything that helps reduce emissions helps clean the air!

You can participate by:

  • walking, biking, in-line skating, or running to work;
  • taking public transit;
  • carpooling;
  • tuning up your car;
  • driving an electric or natural gas vehicle;
  • or by driving a scooter or motorcycle.

For more information, e-mail